Edward C. Meyers and Sharon K. Nick, co-authors of the “Organizing Your Family Legacy” (OYFL) book, flash drive and folder are proud to be featured in one of the newest issues of “American Lifestyle” magazine. Issue 69 features information on the OYFL projects and all of its components as well as:

  • Homage to Nourishment: Vegetarian Recipes for a Healthy Lifestyle
    Fresh and seasonal ingredients abound in the recipes from The Vibrant Table: Recipes from My Always Vegetarian, Mostly Vegan, and Sometimes Raw Kitchen by Anya Kassoff (Roost Books, 2014).
  • Yellow Owl Workshop: Stamps and Cards and Totes, Oh My!
    Avid printmaker and owner of a craft workshop, Christine Schmidt waxes poetic on the versatility of stamps, creative childhoods, and ice cream within walking distance.
  • California Greening: An Organic Horticulturist’s Tale
    Garden Apothecary founder Jennifer Lee Segale has made organic gardening and design her life’s work, including a bath and body product line.
  • Painting the Pedestrian: The Art in the Ordinary
    Artist Michael Ward paints to document and bear witness to life, and chooses subjects often overlooked to force people to see.
  • Bourbon with a Twist: The Art of Salvaging Oak
    Craftsman Tony Davis transforms Kentucky bourbon barrels into useful household items like cutting boards, lazy susans, and art easels.
  • Into the Woods: Building among the Trees
    Jim Rill’s architecture is informed by his environment, integrating outdoor elements into the design of a home.
  • Treasure on Couch Street: Hoodoo Antiques in Portland, Oregon
    Mike Eadie’s extroverted personality and love of people’s stories make him an ideal shop owner of a much-loved antiques store on Portland’s Couch Street.


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