Do you know people who might have questions about what steps they should be taking to get their affairs in order? Do you think they might be relieved to know that this is a process they can accomplish themselves?

Perfect for:

  • People in the business of Estate Planning
  • Groups of their clients or potential clients
  • Employees
  • Parent Groups
  • Elder Hostels
  • Senior Groups
  • Continued Education Learning
  • Book Clubs
  • And any group of people concerned about how to leave assets to loved ones

These comprehensive all-in-one Estate Planning guides – the book or flash drive versions of “Organizing Your Family Legacy” – are designed to help anyone with assets of any kind. People who would like to bequeath possessions, material and financial, to loved ones upon their death. It helps users assemble the correct and necessary information their loved ones will need to fulfill their wishes.

Free Appearances or Discussions for Your Group

Author, Ed Meyers, is happy to discuss what the guides cover and how to use them to your best advantage. First he’ll discuss some worst case scenarios to help folks understand what can go wrong if you haven’t prepared your estate. Then he’ll cover how to ensure your loved ones can access your assets the way you intend as easily as possible by assembling all the information they’ll need to do so. If you’re near Boca Raton, Florida talk to Ed about an in-person appearance, otherwise get in touch and talk about a conference call or webinar!

The “Organizing Your Family Legacy” book and flash drive are both designed to help you determine what information you need to assemble as well as gives you actual fill-in-the-blank places to do so. Can you accomplish these same tasks without the guide? Of course! But for $24.95 (book or flash drive) you’ve got an economical and instant solution to get started immediately!