We all know we should plan for the unexpected.  But, despite widespread news coverage, studies show that fewer than 30% of Americans take the time to prepare.

So, what happens if something happens to you?

                                Life can change suddenly.  

How will your family members know what your wishes are?

Where are the phone numbers of your attorney, insurance agent, or accountant?

What about accessing your password for your important online digital accounts?  And your pension plan, will, estate plan, bank accounts, real estate records, funeral plans?

Do your loved ones have access to the safety deposit key?

                                 We all leave a legacy. 

                                        What will yours be?

                                                    Confusion, distress, and anger? 


                                                    Clarity, comfort and love?

Without clear information, grieving loved ones face a cloud of confusion and anguish as they are forced to rapidly determine end-of-life wishes… and find critical documents that become obscured over time.

Prepare for the unexpected.  Reduce the stress, strain and problems that arise when confronted with the incapacitation or death of a loved one.   “Organizing Your Family Legacy” provides a simple, step-by-step roadmap to store all your critical information in one place.  This resource guides you through the planning process, providing comprehensive, yet easy-to-understand information to help you understand the decisions you need to make and the consequences for each alternative.

Protect your family and remove the burden.  Your family will have peace of mind knowing that they are making the right decisions.  This information will strengthen your family’s ability to cope with incapacity or death.

Table of Contents

     Introduction 1

            Section 1 – Personal Information 7

            Section 2 – Financial Information 15

            Section 3 – Insurance 69

            Section 4 – Health and Medical Care 101

            Section 5 – Government Benefits 121

            Section 6 – Estate Planning 129

            Section 7 – In the End 151

            Section 8 – It’s Your Funeral 159

            Section 9 – Organizing the Family 167

            Section 10 – Safe Deposit Box 177

            Section 11 – Your Legacy Organizer 181

            Section 12 – Estate Review Checklist 185

            Section 13 – Personal Matters 187

            Section 14 – To The Next Generation 199

            Section 15 – Your Pets 209

            Section 16 – Remember Me 217

            Section 17 – Identity Theft 219

            Section 18 – Resource Guide 227


When I saw the Table of Contents of "Organizing the Family Legacy" it was too late for me. I would have wanted this organizer as my compass prior to my husband's death and throughout our productive, successful work years. No one should have to mourn an untimely loss of a loved one coupled with a maze of lost and missing documents as well as the realization that planning for retirement and beyond had been lost. Having this organizer keeps you focused and could have been the difference in my life.

Elaine H.

"I have been involved for 35 years in the business of Estate Planning and have yet to find a book that covers, in very simple terms, where one can find all of the important directives to a decedents family. It is a wonderfully written and a accurate summary that can assist anyone, regardless of the value of their assets, which completes the wishes of leaving a legacy, most efficiently, to family and heirs".

Louis S

An action plan packed with wisdom, insight, advice, information and compassion. If only my husband completed Organizing Your Family Legacy I wouldn't have had the aggravation of trying to find the various titles, forms and documents. Things took so long to find and cost so much to resolve.

Marlene Ferris

Complements on producing the most comprehensive and helpful resource and guide for the essentials of life planning. I thought I was organized, but your step-by-step format covers all the relevant bases and provides a painless and uncomplicated method for storing all of my important information in one place. I love it, and so will my children.

Dr. Kermit Halperin CEO Templatation

martimu@gmail.com' It's Not Too Early until it's too late. This easy-to-se use book walks you through the process of getting all your financial and other legal info together in one place for your loved ones to refer to in the event you're incapacitated or have passed on.

Marti M. On the Ball Baby Boomer