Steve Pomerantz, CFP

Steve Pomerantz, CFP

On June 18, Steve Pomerantz, CFP of United Capital, Financial Life Management a National Financial Planning firm with 50 offices through the United States had a two hour workshop at the Renaissance Hotel in Boca Raton, Florida. The first fifty people through the door received a complimentary copy of “Organizing Your Family Legacy” – the latecomers wanted to know where their copy was!

Steve gave a presentation based on some of the topics covered in the book and left time for questions at the end of his talk. As he was placing an order for additional copies he mentioned how almost every single person in attendance made an appointment with him to go over their own financial plans in the near future!

You can easily create a compelling talk of your own and highlight how you and your business can play a role in helping people assemble all of the information they will need to leave their legacy safely to the people they have chosen. Start by holding an event for your staff, then open the program up to potential clients!

Almost every attendee made an appointment for a consultation!

Almost every attendee made an appointment for a consultation!



The book contains information and data collection space on all of the following topics:


     Introduction 1

            Section 1 – Personal Information 

            Section 2 – Financial Information

            Section 3 – Insurance

            Section 4 – Health and Medical Care

            Section 5 – Government Benefits

            Section 6 – Estate Planning

            Section 7 – In the End

            Section 8 – It’s Your Funeral

            Section 9 – Organizing the Family

            Section 10 – Safe Deposit Box

            Section 11 – Your Legacy Organizer

            Section 12 – Estate Review Checklist

            Section 13 – Personal Matters

            Section 14 – To The Next Generation

            Section 15 – Your Pets

            Section 16 – Remember Me

            Section 17 – Identity Theft

            Section 18 – Resource Guide


Order a copy for yourself today and start planning your own workshop!

Maybe start here:

Life can change suddenly.   What happens if something happens to you?

We all know we should plan for the unexpected.  But, despite widespread news coverage, studies show that fewer than 30% of Americans take the time to prepare.

  • How will your family members know what your wishes are?
  • Where are the phone numbers of your attorney, insurance agent, or accountant?
  • What about accessing your password for your important online digital accounts?  And your pension plan, will, estate plan, bank accounts, real estate records, funeral plans?
  • Do your loved ones have access to the safety deposit key?

We all leave a legacy. 

What will yours be? Confusion, distress, and anger? 

or… Clarity, comfort and love?