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I am very impressed – excellent publication!  I will feature it on my blog shortly.

Gerry W. Beyer
Governor Preston E. Smith Regents Professor of Law
Texas Tech University School of Law


I have researched many books and websites on the market that provide information and resources for organizing your assets, insurance, final wishes, etc. but most of them fall short in providing all of these important elements in one place. Then I found Organizing Your Family Legacy!!! This book is the resource I had been searching for; it provides easy step-by-step action plans and helpful resources to guide you through the process of organizing your affairs. This book is perfect for people of all ages and I have, and will continue to, recommended it to all of my family and loved ones. –Brian S.

Thank you for this guide and workbook. Recently my friend’s parents passed away leaving a financial mess. It was really expensive for them to figure out where the bank accounts were, insurance plans, safety deposit box, business/partnership information and the worst was dividing responsibility, assets and heirlooms among siblings. I experienced the stress and hardship it caused and vowed NOT to do the same to my children. I’m only 49 and expect to live a long time, but the book helped organize and fill in places where I needed to, benefiting myself and my kids. A definite for a any family, including single moms like myself. – Wendy S.

It’s Not Too Early until it’s too late. This easy-to-se use book walks you through the process of getting all your financial and other legal info together in one place for your loved ones to refer to in the event you’re incapacitated or have passed on.
While no one like to talk about what happens when we die, the cold reality is if your info is in a mish-mosh your family is going to be doing a lot of scrambling at a time when they will likewise be coping with you being gone. It’s really a kindness to get your ‘ducks in a row’ while you’re still able to do so. This book takes you through every important document you need to account for and provides a place for you to write down account numbers, passwords and contact info for all your financial, legal and other connections scattered throughout your life. –Marti M.


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